What I’ve been up to throughout August

This has been a very busy month, as I’ve had a lot on my plate in terms of my music. On the 7th of August, I played rhythm guitar for my drummers final performance exam at the ACM, which went very smoothly for all of us.

After that, I’ve been rehearsing through some new songs with Above Board for two gigs that we’ve got on the 25th and 26th of August. SHARD and I have also been hyping up our debut EP which will be coming out on the 31st of August. We’ve finished making our album cover and a promotional video advertising our EP will be put on our page soon.

SHARD-A Will To Kill (Cover art).png

I have also had a recording session with Above Board on the 19th of August, which for the most part went off without a hitch. Above Board will be releasing an EP of covers sometime later in the year. The EP will have around 6 to 8 track and will consist our own renditions of  very well known songs from a wide variety of artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Dusty Springfield, Pharrell Williams and Ed Sheeran.


More on these stories will be coming soon, so stick around.




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