Back Again

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been so absent throughout the rest of 2019; other things started coming up and I began to lose track of everything else in between. But here I am, back again and gonna give you guys a brief insight of what I’ve been doing all this time.

SHARD had their first headlining gig with Nasty Fishmonger and Onyx Ace at The Hobbit in Southampton on the 19th of July, which went really well. Above Board have also played a lot of pub gigs, private party functions and on the 14th of September, we performed at the Shaftesbury Art Center, giving us some great exposure.

Hobbit Gig 4


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do as many gigs with SHARD as I hoped I would, due to some personal stuff happening and having to focus on sorting that out. But now that it’s been sorted, I can get things back on track with them. We’ve been writing new songs and last night, we had another gig at The Hobbit with Komodo and Earthborn Kings. We’re also planning something really big this year, so stay tuned on our Facebook page and we’ll soon let know what’s coming.


Links to my bands:

Links to other bands:

Above Board has also got many more gigs coming up this year, including another gig at the Shaftesbury Art Center on the 23rd of May. I’ll leave a link to the event below and you can book some tickets.

Hope to see you there!!!

An Evening With Above Board

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