Happy New Year

It’s been a pretty busy start to the new year for me, as this month I’ve been writing new songs, bought a new camera for better quality videos and I’ve downloaded some new recording plugins so I can start experimenting with different instruments and sounds when composing new songs and try my hand at other genres of music. I’ve also been working with another musician taking on the role as a producer for one of their songs, which has inspired to consider taking on that role for when I start working with other musicians and songwriters in the future.

I’m looking very forward to what I might be able to get done this year, especially with all this free time that I currently have right now. And I definitely can’t wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to finally arrive so that I and other musicians/bands can start playing live shows again, possibly and hopefully by the last half or the near end of this year. But until then, I’m gonna start focusing on what I’ve got planned at the moment and I hope it all goes smoothly for me.

My recent Instagram post:





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