Where Have I Been?!!!

Hello again,

It’s been a while yet again, but I am back to give you all an insight on what I’ve been doing. In March of 2021, I joined TikTok and have been posting a lot of videos on that platform and later on that year, I joined another band called Introvertus. We’re currently communicating via Zoom as all of us live far away from each; the drummer lives in Scotland, the singer and other guitarist lives in Germany and the bassist lives in London. So we’ve been writing, recording and sharing our ideas with each other in order to put together an EP, and things have been going rather swimmingly.

Also back in 2021, Above Board and I started performing live shows again and I’ve been recording and collaborating with other musicians and songwriters; some who live local to me and some I met via TikTok and other social media platforms. This year, I want to start looking for work as a session musician and start to properly build my music career. I don’t expect this journey to be immediately successful, but I do hope to achieve something this year. So wish me luck!!!

Links to my TikTok:


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