Where Have I Been?!!!

Hello again,

It’s been a while yet again, but I am back to give you all an insight on what I’ve been doing. In March of 2021, I joined TikTok and have been posting a lot of videos on that platform and later on that year, I joined another band called Introvertus. We’re currently communicating via Zoom as all of us live far away from each; the drummer lives in Scotland, the singer and other guitarist lives in Germany and the bassist lives in London. So we’ve been writing, recording and sharing our ideas with each other in order to put together an EP, and things have been going rather swimmingly.

Also back in 2021, Above Board and I started performing live shows again and I’ve been recording and collaborating with other musicians and songwriters; some who live local to me and some I met via TikTok and other social media platforms. This year, I want to start looking for work as a session musician and start to properly build my music career. I don’t expect this journey to be immediately successful, but I do hope to achieve something this year. So wish me luck!!!

Links to my TikTok:

Quick Update

Hi guys, just to let you all know that I’ll joining YouTube, BandCamp and TikTok soon. I’ve also decided to come up with a stage name for myself and will be going by that name on my website, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud as well as the platforms that I’ll be joining.

So from this day forward, you will all know me as Joshua Jones. I chose that, because Joshua is my middle name and Jones is my mother’s maiden name. I’ll admit it’s pretty basic for a stage name, but it has a nice ring to it.

Happy New Year

It’s been a pretty busy start to the new year for me, as this month I’ve been writing new songs, bought a new camera for better quality videos and I’ve downloaded some new recording plugins so I can start experimenting with different instruments and sounds when composing new songs and try my hand at other genres of music. I’ve also been working with another musician taking on the role as a producer for one of their songs, which has inspired to consider taking on that role for when I start working with other musicians and songwriters in the future.

I’m looking very forward to what I might be able to get done this year, especially with all this free time that I currently have right now. And I definitely can’t wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to finally arrive so that I and other musicians/bands can start playing live shows again, possibly and hopefully by the last half or the near end of this year. But until then, I’m gonna start focusing on what I’ve got planned at the moment and I hope it all goes smoothly for me.

My recent Instagram post:



SUCK IT 2020!!!!!

Despite 2020 being tough to get through, I managed to do plenty of fun and productive activities during lockdown. I began recording song demos back in Spring, I’ve been involved in a few musical projects here and there and SHARD released a new song and music video to go along with it back in December. We even had an interview with Austen Mathieson on his show the Suburban Subtext Podcast.

Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for all of us and since we’ll all be getting a vaccine by Spring/Summer, it definitely will be a lot better; I also can’t wait to start gigging again. So to everyone who continued to follow me throughout this difficult time, thank you all for your support and have a happy new year.

Keeping Busy

This year has been very bleak due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and I’m very disappointed that my plans to do more gigs with both SHARD and Above Board have been put on hold as a result of all of this. But despite having to stay home and self-isolate, I still managed to stay productive.

I’ve been writing and recording new songs and got the chance to collaborate with the band, Redpoint for a little video project featuring multiple musicians. SHARD has also started work on recording a new song that we plan on releasing around the near end of the year, and I am looking forward to that.

I and a lot of people cannot wait until this pandemic is finally over, but I am remaining hopeful and I know that we will get through this. But until then, stay home and stay safe.

Check out what I’ve been up to recently by clicking the links down below:

Also, check out Redpoint and their drummer, Mini Fairhurst as they deserve a lot more recognition:

Back Again

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been so absent throughout the rest of 2019; other things started coming up and I began to lose track of everything else in between. But here I am, back again and gonna give you guys a brief insight of what I’ve been doing all this time.

SHARD had their first headlining gig with Nasty Fishmonger and Onyx Ace at The Hobbit in Southampton on the 19th of July, which went really well. Above Board have also played a lot of pub gigs, private party functions and on the 14th of September, we performed at the Shaftesbury Art Center, giving us some great exposure.

Hobbit Gig 4


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do as many gigs with SHARD as I hoped I would, due to some personal stuff happening and having to focus on sorting that out. But now that it’s been sorted, I can get things back on track with them. We’ve been writing new songs and last night, we had another gig at The Hobbit with Komodo and Earthborn Kings. We’re also planning something really big this year, so stay tuned on our Facebook page and we’ll soon let know what’s coming.


Links to my bands:

Links to other bands:

Above Board has also got many more gigs coming up this year, including another gig at the Shaftesbury Art Center on the 23rd of May. I’ll leave a link to the event below and you can book some tickets.

Hope to see you there!!!

An Evening With Above Board

More Gigs

Hi guys, sorry for being absent throughout June, but I’m back and I’ve got some good new to share with all of you. I’ve three gigs coming up this July; two of them are with Above Board and are on the 13th and 27th, and I’ve got a SHARD gig at The Hobbit in Southampton on the 19th. Above Board will also be playing two gigs on the 3rd and 24th of August and one on the 14th of September, the latter of which I am really looking forward to as it’s at the Shaftesbury Art Centre and will really put our names on the map.

Facebook link to SHARD gig:

Link to ticket sale for Above Board gig:

Also in case you’re all wondering, the gig that SHARD and I had at the New Cross Inn on the 2nd June went really well and was a lot of fun. Here’s some footage of us performing that night; I hope you guys like it.


Another SHARD gig coming up

On Sunday the 2nd of June, SHARD will be performing along side Colina Pearl, Dirty ol Crow, The Shangrilads and my good friend Joe Boalt at the New Cross Inn in London. As you can tell, I’m very hipped for this gig.

I’ve also bought myself a new amp a few days ago; the Orange TH30 Head, 30 watts of raw, aggressive and thunderous power that’ll really blow the doors off at this gig. I definitely can’t wait to crank the volume all the way up to ten on this.


SHARD really is back

The gig we had on Sunday the 14th of April went really well; a good crowd, great bands, solid sound and overall a fun venue to play in.

We would like to thank the people at The Unicorn for giving us this gig and we hope to someday play there again.