Fun in a Function Band

A nice bunch of people who have an established function band called ‘Above Board’ have invited me to play lead guitar. So far, it has been fun learning a whole range of crowd-pleasers, but stuff I like to listen to. The set lists are varied and cover everything from Motown through Classic Rock to recent Pop songs.

The band is a great spread of years and experience, ranging from a fantastically energetic bass player in his seventies through to me, the youngster in the band.

Keep an eye out for us in the south west of England, playing in festivals and local functions.

New Tracks on SoundCloud

My band and I have finished the final mixes for two of the songs that’ll be on our 5 track EP, and they are now available to listen to on my SoundCloud. Click on the thumbnails below to listen to them and click on the link to my SoundCloud profile to listen to the older tracks I recorded. My bands EP will be coming out soon, so stay tuned.

American Dictator:

Watch The World Burn:

My SoundCloud profile:

Fantastic Night in Kettering

My band and I just performed at the Prince of Wales pub in Kettering with Unitra and NUMB, and we had a brilliant time. I would like offer a big thanks to everyone who was there to watch us perform and another big thanks to the sound guys for making us sound great. But I would also like to offer an even bigger thanks to Unitra (who were headlining) and all the other organisers for this gig for giving us this opportunity, for we really appreciate it.

Check out SHARD’s and the other two bands Facebook pages by clicking on the links down below and like all three pages.




Breaking Out the Acoustic

I just bought myself a Seymour Duncan SA-3 Woody SC pickup and it sounds amazing.

Capture 5

Here are some videos of me playing my acoustic guitar with the pickup in action.


Heart – Crazy On You (Part 1)

Heart – Crazy On You (Part 2)

Kansas – Dust In The Wind

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

All for videos are on my Instagram page, so click on the link below and leave a like on one of my videos.

More Gigs

Check it out everyone, my band and I got ourselves a gig with UNITRA at The Prince of Wales pub in Kettering, Northamptonshire. It’s happening on Saturday on the 19th of May at 6pm. It will a long journey from where my band and I live, but it’s worth it.

Also, my SHARD and I have an audition for the Summer Live Festival in Guildford, on the 8th of May. The festival starts on the 16th of July and ends on the 20th of July. Hopefully, if the audition goes well, we’ll get a slot on one of those days, so fingers crossed.

New Riffs (Hard Rock)

Three weeks ago, I had a go at writing songs in a different style and this is what I came up with.

New Song 3 (Hard Rock) – Part 1

New Song 3 (Hard Rock) – Part 2

New Song 4 (Hard Rock) – Part 1

New Song 4 (Hard Rock) – Part 2

New Song 4 (Hard Rock) – Part 3

New Song 4 (Hard Rock) – Part 4

The videos above have also been shared onto my Instagram page as well. Check them out by clicking the link down below.

More Publicity

Four days ago, my band got mentioned in the Moshville Times again  in an article they wrote about the #M2TMLONDON gig on the 1st of April. Our review of our set was very well written and very positive, and we would like to thank them for the publicity.

Also, here are a bunch of photos of us playing at the Dublin Castle. Thanks Redrock Jam; these photos look fantastic.